Classic Architecture Offices

Type: Commercial, Conversion
Gross area: 420 sq m / 4500 sq ft
Date of completion: Jan. 2008
Location: Wiltshire
Approximate build cost: £ 400,000

The project has involved the restoration of the external of the former Methodist Church to its original historic form. The internals have a radical contemporary interior, glass walled offices and a flying stairs (inspired by artist M.C Escher 1951 – House of Stairs).

We have applied a sustainable approach to the new office project. Starting with the re-use of a redundant building and its location in a residential part of town so that we can walk or cycle to work.

In its energy use we have dry lined and highly insulated it’s 19th century walls. We’ve installed the latest air to air heat recovery system for low carbon heating – an alternative to a geothermal system on this site where we couldn’t bury ground pipes.

It’s historic appearance disguises an energy efficient modern office.