Type: Replacement Bungalow
Gross Area: 2205 sq ft
Date of Completion: 2015
Location: West Tytherley

This new house replaces a modern bungalow on the fringe of a village with views out to the rural landscape. The urban archiecture of the original bungalow is alien in this setting and our design will bring a building that reflects the simple rural buildings. Viewed from the road it will appear as a converted barn.

Consistent with this theme the building presents an elevation to views from the road that avoids domestic detail. Internally a contempory ethos to the design has the space dominated by a large living room that provides open plan space for dinning, soft seating and kitchen. The room shares the space with the staircase so that the stair well provides an element of double height space.

Energy efficiency design addresses the largest use of energy – heating. The envelope of the building is super insulated with detail design to ensure airtightness and a ventilation system that introduces fresh air that is heated with the energy from the stale air. This passivhaus approach means the house has minimal heating of approximately 2kw.