The majority of projects that we work on will require planning permission of some form. From Full Plans applications for new build properties, to Householder applications for new builds, as well as Conservation Area Consent, etc, we are able to help prepare and submit these applications on your behalf. We also regularly work with independent consultants and will advise you of any specialist input we feel you may require.

At the planning stage the design becomes more defined, and we suggest speaking to a local contractor or cost consultant to confirm that the scheme is within budget before any permission is sought.

Whilst planning permission can never be guaranteed, we have a good understanding of how the application may be viewed by the local council, which will form part of the dialogue whilst developing the proposal. We have a high success rate with our applications and encourage early discussion with the local authority.

For most projects where it is understood that planning permission will be required the design and planning stages will often be combined, which we feel provides a more fluid approach to the design development.