Dr Robert and Dr Stephanie Greville Heygate -

Dr Robert and Dr Stephanie Greville Heygate

”After previously converting The Old Stable Yard with Classic Architecture 10 years ago, we were ready to do it again and take on another larger project with the family home at Long Close House. Choosing Peter and his team to be our architect again was a simple decision and we are of course thrilled with the outcome.

We cannot recommend Classic Architecture highly enough, from proposing stunning designs and concepts, to challenging our beliefs and ambitions, to steering our choices and decisions. We were honoured to have our project recognised with the top Salisbury Civic Society, Lady Radnor Award and are very grateful to Classic Architecture for giving us a truly fantastic home that is always full with family, friends and fun, which will be cherished for generations.”

Long Close House

Lord and Lady Northbrook -

Lord and Lady Northbrook

“We couldn’t be more happy with Peter and the team at Classic Architecture. Our new build project had stalled and we had already been through two Architects who didn’t share our vision and one set of builders. The plans we had were a mess and we had a half finished house which was way over budget when we first attended the Classic Architecture offices and met Peter. From the very beginning we were reassured as we systematically went through the plans and room elevations and sorted them out. We actually started to enjoy the process of creating our dream home. We also had to regularize the planning/permitted development approvals and Peter discovered out that our original plans would not have passed building controls as we would not have had sufficient insulation so that was fixed. Peter also found us great builders and we were able to finish the project in a timely manner. Peter has a wonderful eye for period detail which was in synch with our vision. He also has a great team. After the house was finished and we wanted to build a Pool House, he designed a beautiful building in the style of the original house. All in all, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Classic Architecture.”

Whiteway House


Mr and Mrs Lopez Valido  -

Mr and Mrs Lopez Valido

“When I reflect on the amazing experience of building our beloved home next to a historic bronze age hill fort, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible team that Peter has assembled. Without their multi-talented expertise in planning, construction, and creative design, I could never have imagined such a magnificent result.

Peter’s exceptional knowledge of builders, planning consultants, and quantity surveyors is truly remarkable. He has access to the most outrageously creative minds, and this has translated into the highest quality of work across all disciplines. The result is a home that stands strong and proud, a true testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team.

The quality of the work has given us the gift of time, allowing us to focus on our everyday lives made brighter and more beautiful by our stunning space. I am filled with excitement and anticipation as we embark on two more projects in our garden with Peter and his team. The thrill of creating something new and beautiful again is becoming an addictive and inspiring journey.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and exceptional team, and I know that the results of our future projects will be nothing short of spectacular. I am truly impressed by Peter’s ability to bring together such a remarkable group of experts and to guide them towards achieving such an extraordinary outcome.”

Cloud House

Nick and Lois Opperman -

Nick and Lois Opperman


“It’s an exciting, expensive and emotional thing to build a home. The end result is what we hoped for and more…

Thanks to good professionals helping us.”

Westgate House

Mr Hugh Macdougald and Ms Oliva Talbot -

Mr Hugh Macdougald and Ms Oliva Talbot

“Right from the beginning Peter and his team were brilliant.

Highly professional, some brilliant ideas, with great attention to detail, guiding us through the rather lengthy process with patience & understanding ensuring happy client and fabulous home when it was finally signed off.

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Two projects finished to the highest standard. Very happy.”

Meadowbank House

Mr and Mrs Cooper -

Mr and Mrs Cooper

“Now that the work on the house and annexe has been completed, together with the necessary clearance from the Building Inspector we wanted to write to you both to say thank you for your professional help and guidance that went well beyond the call of duty.

We are now firmly and very comfortably established; the design and all the linked facilities are giving us just what we are beginning to need and neither of us has hankered after the ‘old Little Croye’ for any of its comfortable arrangements.

At the outset you opened up our thinking to what could be achieved – very successfully and our open plan area with bifold doors is a great success both in daylight and at night. as the weather gets colder we are already appreciating the impact of all that extensive insulation and we are confident it won’t be found wanting in the depths of winter.  At the moment the snug is only coming into its own when there is a clash over television viewing!

The annexe has been turned into a very attractive living area, a great tribute to the design and clever layout – once the roofline had been lifted to its correct height!

And you have been very helpful with the financial arrangements.

So a big thank you to you both.”

Little Croye

Mr and Mrs Greville-Heygate -

Mr and Mrs Greville-Heygate

Our interpretation of your requirements:


“Lots of to and forth with lots of decisions between us – Classic Architecture thankfully stood strong with some things which proved to give us a great outcome, yet at other times (when appropriate) would respect our decision and steer us in the right direction. This trust and balance was essential in order that we ended up with a home that exceeded our expectations.”

Overall design and layout:

“Fantastic design and layout
Open plan living with double height space, but not cavernous and empty
‘L’ shaped design works beautifully giving you many views of the property from all angles
Stunning contrast of old rough brick work with the new sleek minimalist glass and interior”

Our management of planning process:

“Going through planning made very easy
Previous relationships with the Planning Officers of great benefit
Design and materials all very sympathetic to the Grade II
Listed Building”

How you and your family now feel about living in your new home:

“Couldn’t have asked for anything more Loving entertaining family and friends Having a house of such high quality.
Standards is inspiring and makes us want to achieve similar standards in other aspects of life, be it work, family or
anything we do

Having a house that is insulted so well and with MVHR too makes spending time in every room possible, even in the winter! There are no stifling hot spaces and no freezing spaces either. We cannot over emphasis how important this is to comfortable living, something which we would have completely overlooked without Classic Architecture.”

Overall experience of using Classic Architecture:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, it really has been an incredible journey together, and one that we look back on with great fondness. It was a truly special time building and creating our dream home, along with starting our family and setting up our careers and new business. We have never been so out of pocket but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Neither of us are ‘showy people’ but we can’t help but smile when friends are in awe of our house. You’ve not only inspired us, but also a lot of our friends and family to whose ambitions you can see have all been raised as a consequence. Thank you again so much Rob, Steph, Sophia, Charlie and Bump!” – July 2014

The Old Stable Yard

Mr and Mrs Hussey
The Old Rectory Extension

“The interpretations of our requirements were very good. John really listened to what we wanted and his design reflected this. The overall design and layout are both very good. It fits in well with the rest of the room and provides a lovely light space which is perfect for what we wanted. It is practical and attractive.

The management of the planning process was excellent. John dealt extremely well with the planning and in particular the conservation Officer and the building went ahead more or less in the agreed time frame.

We are hugely happy with our new extension and now can’t imagine why we waited so long to do the work or how we fitted into our kitchen before.”

Simon Gould -

Simon Gould

“I trusted the conversion of a group of derelict farm building into my dream home to Peter and his team. It was one of the best decisions I could have made. The project was undertaken with a passion and commitment to excellence which ensured that dream came true . Thank you.”

Whiteshoot Farm

Richard & Alex Allsopp -

Richard & Alex Allsopp

“We had never undertaken such an extensive building project so had no experience, and limited knowledge, of the skill required to achieve architectural (sympathy) whilst simultaneously satisfying the often petty and illogical planning restrictions based on a Grade II Listed building. It was only towards the end that we fully appreciated how deftly Peter had guided us between these two contrary interests, to achieve stunning results.

The management of the construction phase was very hands-on, with minute attention to detail and regular site visits.

We couldn’t be happier and it is our dream home”.

Listed Barn Conversion

Mr and Mrs Henderson
33 Cattle End, Silverstone

Our interpretation of your requirements:

“John Sykes has interpreted our requirements excellently, I can recall early conversations about the important things, light, space & WOW…… John was made aware that for 11/12th of the time it would be just the two of us, and has managed to create a footprint that enables us to accommodate friends and family agreeably without sacrificing any comfort within our own personal space. I can sit 10 guests around my dining table, a huge plus, and greet them in the generous front porch. More ticks on my wish list. Outside entertaining, the ‘infinity’ terrace is to die for, another box ticked.”

Overall design and layout:

“Arriving at our new home, the stone build, slate roof & oak garage make an impressive statement, upon entering the bar lifts still further to our living space. The internal space has turned out to be more magnificent than we could have hope for and visitor reactions have been enthusiastic. The curves and vaulted ceiling have certainly given us the WOW factor, and most has been made of the existing views across open farm land, not only for the living area but bedrooms too.

On a practical note the Utility and rear porch work really well with our outdoor lifestyle.

John’s attention to detail with regard to the electrical layout suits our requirements more than we could have envisaged.”

How you and your family now feel about living in your new home:

“We are looking forward to spending many more happy years here.”

Peter Chalke CBE -

Peter Chalke CBE

“We were ready to be challenged and wanted an outstanding house. Peter Borchert spent a day with us, discussing our way of life, measuring our furniture and looking at photographs of modern Danish architecture. He also looked at the street scene in the village. The result was a stunning modern design that also reflected the vernacular of the village architecture and which did not look out of place. We loved the first drawings he produced and changed very little from the initial design.

The overall design was outstanding with a spacious interior and dramatic spaces whilst still giving a homely atmosphere. Everyone who visits the house is very impressed with our unusual design. The layout is efficient and suits our lifestyle well. We now live in a house that becomes more enjoyable as time passes.

Peter interpreted our ambitions and helped us achieve a stunning house, admired and complimented by all.”

Sustainable Contemporary House

Andrew & Judy Pownall-Gray -

Andrew & Judy Pownall-Gray

“As our second home built with the Practice, Peter understood we wanted a home rather than a project and was prepared to lead the design in an experienced way. He understood that wise investment was via good design and specification rather than an unlimited budget.

The before and after pictures say it all. The design is greatly admired by visitors who say the house suits the site so well. As a family home and venue for entertaining the house has been a success. Peter’s knowledge and expertise has taken the home from the ordinary to the exceptional. By remaining on top of the planners and project builders, we would never think of using anyone else to achieve a positive outcome.

As our family has grown the design of our home has been instrumental in achieving both togetherness and space. The flexibility of the living spaces has easily adapted to our needs over the growing years”.

Remodelled House

Comments on our Office

“We were all very impressed by the new office accommodation – so beautifully light and spacious, a place where work will be both pleasant and professionally fulfilling. It is good to see a building which was at the time so run down restored and revived to take its place as a significant part of Wilton’s architectural heritage.”

“I think you have made a marvellous job of the new offices. Imaginative, light, open, super detailing and a fun place in which to work – well done”. – William Verdon-Smith FRICS, Woolley & Wallis

“I was very impressed by the conversion of the old Methodist chapel and not surprised it won an award. It is a lovely airy office space and must be a pleasure to work in.” – Tom Clay

“Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to see your new office premises. As I was talking to Peter it is interesting how Headquarters buildings so often reflect the culture of the organisation. In your case that is clearly modern, cutting edge and clearly highly practical. I imagine it is a delightful place to work and it was certainly a delightful place to have lunch” – Graham Waterton MRICS, Strutt & Parker

Our Offices

Doey Harris

“I am thrilled with the house and you have achieved exactly what I wanted so thank you very much”