The Old Forge

We have extended and transformed this modest cottage. We offered our client two alternatives in designs. The cottage was once a forge. Its transformation into a cottage is unrecorded since it was done at a time before planning was required. Though it was probably a pre-war conversion.  This introduced a first floor and was done in a very simple manner without much merit. Unlisted, we had the option to transform it and bring a new character. The first suggestion to our client was to restore the open double height space and remove all domestic features as a result of this it would bring back an industrial character. Exposed rubble stone internal walls and a modernist extension with rusted Cor-ten steel elevations and frameless glass would have made an edgy design.

The second more conventional alternative was in the manner of ‘Cottage Orne’. This is popular stylised architecture of rural houses and started with the Romantic movement of the late eighteenth century. Therefore, our design is a sash windowed traditional design with fretted barges and finials that were typical of the style. The internal space providing a modern large living room kitchen that defies the cottage’s modest size giving a large room and with simple finishes the interiors are a mix of cool traditional and contemporary.